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Okay, so you guys are going to have to be really REALLY patient with me up until the 9th of October because my work schedule fucking sucks. I work today, off tomorrow, work the next day, off friday and then I work four fucking days in a row, get one damn day off and then I work the next day. So I’m going to try to be as active as I can but it’s really hard when I come home exhausted as fuck because I’m on my feet for eight hours a day and I don’t have any food so the only thing I can do for energy is go the fuck to sleep. I’m sorry in advance for my slowness. If you do unfollow me during this time though and we have an active thread, I will drop it. Because that’s a load of shit to unfollow me because god forbid I have an occupation. 


"If you think I’m right, then why are you still avoiding me?"

Edmund let his hand drop with a sigh and a shake of his head before raking his fingers through his hair. “I’m going to take a shower. Felicia was napping when I left, so she’ll probably be up soon.”

"Yes, the best thing to do when I’m clearly upset is to walk the hell away and leave me with our daughter when I’m emotional. A plus husband and parenting skills Edmund." Steve says pulling away from the closeness they’d had before. "Enjoy your damn shower, Edmund. When Felicia wakes up, I’ll take care of lunch." 



"Offers like that usually have call boys not coming home.  And I don’t trust many adults.  Last time I did I got burned bad."  He said simply.

"Steve Rogers isn’t known for killing kids, surprisingly." 


Top six films that aren't in English?


Top six revolution characters


Ask me my Top 6 anything

I’ve only seen season one so if there’s anyone cool in season 2 I’m sorry for not including them. 

  • Bass Monroe 
  • Nora Clayton
  • Charlie Matheson 
  • Miles Matheson 
  • Jason Neville 
  • Michael (in the children’s crusade episode, he was such a sassy little shit, I fell so in love and was so angry that he wasn’t in anything else)


Tyson wanted to completely melt into Steve. To take this moment of pain induced delirium, that felt closer to happiness than anything he’d been allowed to feel since leaving London, for all it was worth.

So he did.

He kept their lips together, relishing in the safety he felt; knowing Steve wasn’t going to attack him like his other captors. Until, finally, he needed to pull back.

W-Why have you got to be so k-kind, Rogers?” Tyson asked, not even trying to hide how broken his voice sounded after so long spent captive. “N-Now when they come back, I-I’m gonna be less prepared and they- it’ll h-hurt more.”

Damn it. He’d known allowing a rapport with Rogers was a bad idea. Why did he do this to himself?

"Fuck. S-Steve.” Using the other man’s forename for the first time in, however many days, as Tyson tried to kiss him again.

Steve knows that this was entirely a very bad idea but when Tyson kissed him, he couldn’t quite bring himself to not kiss back. Maybe it was because he knows that Tyson could use some comfort now. And also maybe that maybe was because Steve doesn’t want to admit that he has some feelings of protectiveness inside of him for the other man… and maybe  that  admission was because Steve knew them to be more than just feelings of protective instincts. Steve knows that he wants to get  Tyson out and he wants to take care of him. Those aren’t feelings that you are supposed to have for a captive. 

Steve wasn’t one for taking prisoners of war though and he had some say in what goes on at SHIELD, he has the ability to push and pull a little even if not a lot. Maybe he could get Tyson out of here. If they were torturing the man and he still wasn’t delivering anything to them, what was the use in keeping him here anyway? Steve pets a hand through Tyson’s hair before Tyson is moving in for another kiss and Steve allows it once more with a small noise of pleasant surprise. 

Condemned to Captivity || Captain Rogers & Lieutenant Delaney


Though it wasn’t possible for Tyson to keep his hand’s completely clean of his owner’s work, he tried to keep as much distance from it as he could get away with. As a pet, Tyson knew more than the average employees did, but he tried to forget about the bloodier aspects. There were more than lives lost to the web and, even if he wanted to, Tyson doubted he could keep track of everything that took place in the criminal’s empire; without looking over his owner’s shoulder at all hours. A small mercy for his conscience, if nothing else.

Tyson couldn’t recall anything about an American agent being terminated recently, but he supposed that nationality wouldn’t be the part he’d remember if the murder had been part of an important job. “Your a-agent…” It was interesting to know that Steve was a part of this ‘SHIELD’ and not just muscle for hire, but it wasn’t any help to Tyson at the moment. If he’d known more about Steve or SHIELD before tonight, Tyson would have been more interested. “What was t-their name, Rogers?” Asked Tyson, as ever not expecting to receive a full answer, if he was told anything.

Steve doesn’t have to give Tyson any more information. Steve doesn’t have to leak anything else to Tyson at all but Steve is starting to feel like he should. He’s starting to feel like Tyson is as much a victim here as the agent was and he knows that’s dangerous thinking. He knows that just makes this a million times more difficult but he can’t help it when he knows that if he can’t get anything useful out of Tyson, that the other agents are going to take him to headquarters and torture him. So why not just tell him whatever he wants to hear?

"They don’t give me a lot of specifics on these types of things. Most of our agents don’t go by first names so I only know the last name." Steve says even though he should not be telling Tyson this information at all. “He was Agent Geinow is all that I know. I’m not even sure of what department he was from but I’m betting it was somewhere damn important if we’re basically kidnapping you for it.” 


"Steve?" Salem looked up at the blond male with wide, green eyes and paused in his tracks .




It had been a long, long, long time since he’d heard that voice and he really wasn’t sure why or how it had all fallen apart but he had no idea how much he had missed Salem until Salem said his name again. He opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, like a gaping fish before finally settling on “Salem?” in return an almost mock broken record. 


"Oh my god Steve, you’re making it harder to not to beg for your cock inside me right now.” Salem’s back came up off the bed when Steve’s fingers found his bundle of nerves again sending shocks of pleasure through his body. He wanted his lover now, but he also wanted to prolong this as much as possible to make love to Steve instead of just fucking. A whine came through his clenched teeth, body clenching around his fingers.

"I’m not very sorry about that, Salem." Steve teases. "After all, you certainly don’t think that situations aren’t hard for me too. Trust me, baby, I want to take you right now, I always want to take you. You’re so tight though, sweetheart and I’m not interested in hurting you, not my first night back and not ever.” He loves watching the way that Salem spasms when he finally hits that sweet spot within him. “God, I love you baby. So pretty when you let go.” He scissors his fingers lightly, caressing the inside of Salem, lightly stretching him out because he is making himself impatient as well. Before Salem can protest, Steve leans down to claim his lips with his own. 


✍ //*pressuuuuuuuuure*






"It totally wasn’t me who made all the electric short circuit, Uncle Bucky, I promise. How does metal react to lightening again?” 

                                   {Felix Lehnsherr
              { also affectionately called “Static Problems”}

   This one is an oc and omg do I want to write him so bad. He was originally a product of my Steve and mxgnetised's children but I also was willing to play him as a Cherik baby after some talking to with xinsideyourhead. He’s of course, a mutant. He’s electrokinetic, he can manipulate electricity but when he’s angry or any kind of distressed, he tends to lose control of it. I absolutely adore him as my creation, he’s def one of my favorite OCs but I’ve just never made the blog for him because I’m afraid of pouring my heart into an OTP baby and being ignored as I usually am when I make OTP baby blogs. 

Bucky licked his lips a little and thought for a while, “I think. Your papa. His heart is in the right place. His head’s just a little wonky. Steve can tell and. He doesn’t want your papa to get worse. Y’know, cause we fought Hitler and all that stuff…”

He blanked for a moment, “Not that I’m saying your dad is as bad as Hitler! Shit, nowhere near! Just that, like, Steve wants to make sure his heart stays in the right place so he doesn’t just get crazy and do a bunch of bad stuff. ‘s why he won’t give up on ‘im.”

Felix has to bite his lower lip as his uncle scrambles to try and fix a mistake he thinks that he’s made. Felix raises his hands to try and calm him. “Uncle Bucky, Papa is kind of genocidal. Having him compared to Hitler is surprisingly one of the least awful things I’ve heard about him. You don’t need to worry, you’re not going to upset me unless you say that he deserves to die or something of the sort.” Felix assures him. “I’m well aware that my papa’s choices are bad ones but I still love him. He’s my papa. Dad says we have to believe that there is still good in him and I do.” 


At the mention of coffee, Victor perked up considerably, smiling brightly, his shoulders relaxing. Steve wasn’t as idiot, that much was obvious, but perhaps Victor was able to convince him of his own innocence after all. “Coffee sounds amazing right now, actually,” he nodded. After all, he had been woken up at three in the morning and he’d only just gotten off the plane a few hours ago, the time in between spent in taxis and double-checking his luggage to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything in his sleep-deprived state of mind. “Would you mind possibly taking a detour?”

Steve smiles at the slight change in Victor’s posture at the mention of coffee. Steve often has the same reaction to coffee himself. He may not be able to get drunk because of his serum, but coffee can still effect him, still perk him up. “Make a pit stop for refueling you mean? We sure can.” Steve reaches to the different buttons on the elevator and hits the button for the floor where they could find the break room and cafeteria. “SHIELD coffee is not the best but it’s certainly not the worst either, especially when you’re hurting for a caffeine boost which I’m sure you are.” 


Loki remained smiling softly, but the mirth had gone out of it. “…Thor hasn’t told you the details of our little falling out then, has he?”
The fallen god was still greatly convinced of his own right in that matter, but he knew what the All Father considered his crimes, what Sif and the Warriors Three counted as his evils. Loki had these things thrown back in his face on regular basis, when confronted by them. And the Jotnar had certainly made their thoughts known to him, during his captivity. “I didn’t really think the man who nigh single handedly brought down the Third Reich would turn a blind eye to ‘attempted genocide’…”

"I’m not exactly close to Thor, Loki. He’s an avenger, sure, but that doesn’t mean I see much of him outside of the field. I truly don’t. He spends most of his time here on ‘Midgard’? That’s what you call it correct? He spends most of it with Jane." Steve offers before he listens to Loki. "Well, wasn’t what you tried to do here, attempted genocide? I understand that some of your choices and actions were not your own. You were being controlled the same way you controlled Clint. There was a third party involved.” 

Steve finishes up Loki’s other hand, patting it lightly when he finishes. “Besides, I feel like you should know by now that I look for the good in everyone, including those who do not think they have it within themselves.” 



"And why do you care so much?  Hm?"   The man was beginning to look vaguely familiar but it was a whisper- a ghost of a memory hazy from his time in Neverland.  "I can take care of myself.  Trust me, I’ve taken down men three times your size."  

"Why are you so concerned about why I’m concerned? I’m offering you so much money if you just come home with me and I’m not going to make you do anything beyond take a damn shower.” Something felt so very familiar about this kid but he doesn’t know why. He’s certainly never seen him before. 



      Seriously now? Aw, shit, I need to
       do that more, then. Can’t have people
       miss that fact, can we.” 

"Yes, there was a study done about it," 
Steve gets bored occasionally and just
goes on aimless google searches where 
he finds things like this. “There were 
actually multiple studies done. So if you
talk to yourself, you’re definitely smarter 
than you think.” 


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"I’m afraid of losing you." 

"When I’m in the lab, you can tell me my ass looks nice in my jeans," she replies, lifting one eyelid as she’s rolled onto her back. "But the lab is my lab, and that’s where I reign supreme. You get to be in charge in the field and shit, that’s why you’re Captain. Don’t try to overthrow my scientific authorities, that’ll only get you in trouble.” She hums lightly, spreading her legs to accommodate his knee, arms rising and then folding underneath her head. “You know I don’t do quiet, Rogers, no matter what kind of effort you use. Just don’t tickle me, because it’s mean to tickle pregnant women.”

He can’t help a mischievous smile from rising to his features as he puts on a look otherwise of fake innocence. “Oh gosh, gosh ma’am, I don’t want to get in trouble. You should tell me the consequences of getting in trouble just so I never ever get in trouble again.” Steve teases, leaning down to draw a line with his mouth from her neck down to the bit of skin peaking through her camisole. “I certainly won’t tickle you. That wasn’t the method I planned on using to force you into silence and something tells me you knew that.” 



"I can tell.  And of course, I’ll be gentle about it."

"He sees the good in everyone, or at least he tries to. I don’t know where he got that from." Steve says, with a playful smile reaching his features.