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If anyone is ever in a relationship with me in the future, I want four black cats and I already picked their names. So this is what you have to look forward to. 

Okay, I’m ungodly tired and I work in like 9 hours so I’m going to post what I have in my drafts. I’m off the next two days, hell yeah but tomorrow after work I’m going to be on My OCs:  pulmentumxcalidum and xregicide and you should totally bother them both. Especially Whit. Bother Whit. 

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I was gaping the entire song this is insane

If I had a dollar for every time a musician made me feel like I’ve done nothing with my life, I’d be filthy, FILTHY rich.

oh my god

Welcome to the Business


Bucky wet a washcloth with warm water then turned to face Steve. Money was the last thing on his mind. He could care less if Steve came here tonight with none at all. Sure he swore he’d punish Steve if he didn’t pay what he owed but that ‘punishment’ wouldn’t be a beating or something as equally awful. No, he’d threaten with a spanking. Something that hurt for only a moment then he’d could sooth the hurt away.

He took a steadying breath to try and dispell his anger. He gentled his touch, his voice, the best he could. “Shh, its okay. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He murmured, reaching out to dab the cloth on Steve’s split lip, trying to show that he had no intention of hurting him. He didn’t even look at the wallet either. He was focused only on Steve.

"I promise I’m not going to hurt you, baby. Tell me what happened while I clean you up, alright?" His other hand took Steve’s hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. He was trying his best to be comforting. There was no way he was going to let anyone hurt Steve like this and get away with it.

Steve whimpers when Bucky touches the cloth to his busted lip. His hand comes up to Bucky’s wrist, not to shove him away but more for some kind of moral support. Tears still in his eyes. His entire head throbs as he thinks about how to phrase everything to Bucky. Part of it is a blur but he’s sure that comes with getting his head slammed against various objects. It hurts, everything hurts. 

"I… I told that guy he had to pay me in full up front." He stammers. "You… you said you’d punish me if I didn’t bring you back the right amount and I wanted to make you happy. So I told him he had to pay me first and he didn’t like it. He.. hit me a lot. And then he tried to get me on the bed, tried to take off my clothes and I kicked him in the groin and ran off, took his wallet so you wouldn’t be mad that I didn’t bring you any money. I d-d-didn’t want you to be mad at me. I’m sorry." He’s apologizing as if he should apologize for bleeding or being the one who got hurt, apologizing as if he should be the one sorry for getting punched.



"…Considering you just jumped from a hundred and fifty story window, I’m going to take a guess that you’re not exactly human, are you?"

"Well, you’re kind of right. I am human, I’m just a human that’s had a little genetic altering. A bit of a lab rat.” 

You sexy beast

tbh my stomach stretchmarks do occasionally make me uncomfortable in case they ask me where the baby is because it’s been three years and I still have trouble telling the story. 


"Can I…can we c-cuddle?" Bryce fiddled with his shirt, blushing something awful and barely able to maintain eye-contact for very long, you’d think he’d asked to streak through Washington while Obama and his family watched….

Steve opens his arms to his fiancee, cocking his head to the side in confusion because he doesn’t think wanting to be cuddled should be something that Bryce is ashamed of. “Honey, of course we can cuddle, come here.” Steve reassures him, beckoning with his hands. “Is everything okay? Come sit in my lap.” 

Under the cut here is me wearing next to nothing and an up close an personal shot of my really weird stretch marks for Tia and like anyone else who wants to see because if I can think that I’m pretty hot, you can think that you’re pretty hot: 

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I love having threads where not only does unexpected character development pop up, but the characters evolve together.



"I should look like that more often if it gets me hugs."

"And here I thought you were too big and strong for cuddling." 

"How are you feeling, by the way?” 


Character Shaming: Irresponsibly uses his powerful puppy eyed look to get his way with damn near everything.





"Lies and slander, I don’t know of what you speak." 


"We’d hate for you to use such powers of persuasion on someone else. Now how about you come over here and kiss me?"

"You’re supposed to say please, you know." 

{ marred-saudade }

"You looked like you needed one of these." 

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